Welcome to tnrambler2 Lyrics THE AFGHAN WHIGS Southpaw Lyrics, singer by THE AFGHAN WHIGS

One eye open baby
Both hands tied behind my back
Surprise a comin’ in a cross street smile
How so the changes have come slow

Takers drivin’ got to take the wheel
We got their lives a hanging and their souls to steal
Give me a break, give me an arm
Wishbone cracky good luck charm, rave on monkey

Come on down little sister
What might be right for goose might not be right for the gander
You got on the Mississippi mudslide
Get up on the tchoupitoulis southpaw

You got to lie now chillun, you got to lie to be willin’
Oh, my soul it’s time to awake
Come on down give the kingdom a shake
And, oh, my soul it’s time to get down



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